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Mission and Vision

Alongside families, we will shepherd children as they:

  • Grasp their identity in God & proclaim “I am a child of God!”
  • Develop their relationship with God & proclaim “I can go to Him with anything!”
  • Grow with God & proclaim “He will lead me!”

Philosophy of All Saints Church Children’s Ministry

In every meeting, we will:

  • PLAY –  Play is an intricate part of children’s learning styles and relationship building. We will enjoy time together and play well with one another.
  • ACT CREATIVELY – Children’s creativity is beautiful! We will engage their growing minds and hearts in different ways each week.
  • READ THE BIBLE – To help children engage with the Bible themselves and grasp the gift of the Word, we will open the Bible each week and encourage children to find and read passages as they are able.
  • ENGAGE GOD’S STORY – As we look to God’s Word, we will reflect on His redemption story throughout history, and the stories of His people as we learn more about who God is and how He works, and how this affects our daily life.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS  – We will foster an atmosphere of friendship and facilitate the building of healthy relationships among our children, volunteers, families and the wider church.
  • PRAY WITH AND FOR EACH OTHER, BY NAME – We will make praying together a priority and ensure each child is prayed for by  name and given an opportunity to share requests.
  • PROVIDE SAFE AND COMFORTABLE SPACES & RELATIONSHIPS – The safety and comfort of our children is our priority. We will continually assess and develop our meeting spaces, boundaries, and relationships to ensure children are safe, and feel safe and comfortable.

At All Saints our children are a gift from God and we want to ensure their care and safety at all times while in the Garden.  Click here to read our policy for safety and protection: All Saints Children’s Garden Care and Safety Description & Guidelines

Our Offerings

Our Children’s Ministry at All Saints Church is structured to offer engaging and fun Christian education for children from birth through elementary school. We know it can be challenging to find a place where the whole family can worship, learn, and grow in Christ together. It’s our hope and prayer that All Saints Church is a place where parents and children alike are encouraged and equipped to love and serve the Lord!

During our 10:00am service, we offer Children’s Garden Classes for children ages 3 through 9 years old  All children start upstairs with their families, and are dismissed before the scripture readings and sermon to follow the cross out to their classes, which meet downstairs. They they re-join their parents in the main service for communion. Our time together includes an interactive time of teaching, prayer and worship. Our aim is to engage children with God and His Word, and help them to grasp how He is present and relevant in our daily lives.

Our infant & toddler nursery is available during both services for children from birth to age three. Children may be dropped off 15 minutes prior to the worship service. The nursery is staffed by paid staff and adult volunteers. Parents are welcome to pick up their children either before communion or after the service. The nursery is located in the lower level of Five Oaks.

Contact Information

Meg Greto
Meg GretoDirector of Children’s Ministry
For more information about the All Saints Church Children’s Ministry, please contact Meg.