What to Expect

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Welcome To All Saints Church

The worship of All Saints Church is God-centered, Spirit-filled, interactive and vibrant. We gather to sing the praises of God, pray, listen to the word of God, proclaim the gospel, and eat from the communion table of the Lord.

You do not attend worship at All Saints; you participate. The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” When we gather for worship we all participate in the prayers and praises of God with our voices and physical bodies. Our prayers and rhythms come from the ancient church and speak powerfully into our lives today; shaping and forming us as we encounter and worship our Triune God of grace.

Our music is an eclectic and cohesive blend of God-centered ancient hymns and modern praise songs led by voices, piano, guitar, and other diverse instruments.

The best way to understand and get a feel for our church and worship is to come and join us! You don’t have to know anything about the Christian Faith, the Bible, or Anglican Tradition to come and enter into worship with us. Join us and allow the Living God to encounter you in a personal way by worshipping with His people.

Who are we?

In 2003 these families approached the leadership of Church of the Apostles with their vision. They were encouraged to continue exploring the possibilities through earnest prayer and discussion, and Apostles made the commitment to help see this dream come to fruition.

In 2004, a fund was established to gather money for a new church. In summer 2004, three “come and see” services were held at Trinity School, led by Terrell Glenn, rector of Apostles. Later that fall, a group of 15–20 people began to meet regularly for prayer and worship in the home of Wesley and Jan Burks, earnestly seeking God’s will for a new church.

In early 2005, Terrell Glenn encouraged the group to take things to the next level, stepping out in faith and prayer to plant a new Anglican church to serve Chapel Hill and Durham. In short order, this fledgling group began to organize, establishing a vision for their mission and identifying core values. They moved their meeting place to Jim and Karen Lamont’s home and began to add pioneering people to the launch team. They selected a leadership team—Wesley Burks, Bill Roper, Nathan Thielman, and Jim Lamont—and chose the name All Saints Church.

In June 2005, Steve Breedlove was called to be the founding rector, and Steve and Sally joined 16 committed launch team members. By August, All Saints began meeting for weekly evening Holy Communion services at Advent Lutheran Church, and the numbers grew slowly but steadily. Steve taught from 1 Peter: it was an exciting time of uniting around a common vision and moving forward in faith. By Christmas, services were moved to Farrington Road Baptist Church. God was drawing and calling people to come and join this missional community. But we knew that evening services did not serve families well, and so we began making plans…

Our very first Sunday morning services were held on Palm Sunday and Easter 2006 at the Sheraton Hotel in Chapel Hill. The following Sunday, April 23, we officially moved into our next location, Creekside Elementary School. The work of weekly set-up was worth it: a spacious gathering place for worship, children’s classrooms, and morning services! God blessed All Saints, and we began to grow, spiritually and numerically.

Soon there were 50 launch-team members, and September 17, 2006, became our official birthday as a church (no longer a “developing mission”). Over the next several months more and more people joined and committed themselves to pray for and participate in the ministry and mission of All Saints Church. Thanks to God and his people, our initial programs took shape and form—children’s ministries, youth ministries, worship, and prayer ministries. Dinners of Nine, nascent small groups, were formed. Support work continued apace. “We learned how to set up and break down worship space, and we mastered the art of how to best stack stuff in PODS,” said one tired-but-contented member.

God blessed us at Creekside with growth in every aspect of our mission, and we are deeply thankful for the school, its hospitality and our relationship with staff and students. However, we also knew that there were limits to our growth in a “set-up-and-break-down” mode, and we were praying throughout this time for a semi-permanent rental location. A tragedy kicked us into full gear: in May 2009, our PODS were broken into and we lost thousands of dollars of equipment. The location we were in the thick of considering, the first viable spot we had found in over three years of searching, suddenly looked great!

That month, we signed a three-year lease for a meeting space at 4310 Garrett Road in Durham. A thorough remodeling job and four months later, we moved—on October 3, 2009. On August 22, 2010 we expanded to two Sunday morning services, 8:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m..

Though the shopping center location was good, faced with rent increases, the leadership and vestry made the difficult decision to move. Fortunately we found a beautiful new location subleasing facilities of Five Oaks Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 4124 Farrington Road. Also office space was found at 3622 Lyckan Parkway, Suites 5005 and 5006 just a short distance away to provide offices for staff and a small meeting place affectionately dubbed “The Upper Room”. We moved and began services Christmas 2013 at our current location Christmas 2013.

The story of All Saints Church is, above all, the story of God’s faithfulness, kindness, and heart for our community. We have been abundantly provided for, protected, and loved by God. He has preserved our unity, clarified and strengthened our mission, and expanded our ministries. He has brought us a growing number of committed members whose gifts and dreams stretch us. He has taught us and changed us, answered our prayers, and filled our hearts with joy. He has met with us week after week after week, in Word, Sacrament, and Spirit.

All this is to say is that we have much to be thankful for. It’s an exciting journey to be on and you are invited to join us. To God be the glory!

What to Expect

Nothing! Our worship guide and clergy will lead you though the liturgy on Sunday mornings. We are a community of people who are all at different places on our journey with Jesus. Some in our church family are long-time Christians and long-time Anglicans and others are new to the Anglican Tradition and new believers in Jesus!

We meet for coffee after the service, so please stick around to meet people.

We follow the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, Rite 2. You can read a bulletin from a recent Sunday morning service by clicking here.
Our musical worship evenly blends past and present, ancient and future, traditional hymnody with contemporary worship songs. We are determined to sing songs rich in truth that engage our hearts as well as our minds. To read more about our philosophy of worship at All Saints Church, click here.
Yes, we celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday.
The Lord’s Table is open to any baptized follower of Christ. Genuine faith, reverence, confessing and forsaking our sins, and earnest efforts to be at peace with all people are the requirements Jesus makes of all his followers as he welcomes us to his table.
First of all, this is communion, with Jesus Christ and with one another! The sacrament of communion sustains our life and faith as followers of Jesus and transforms us as we “present our bodies [all of us] as living sacrifices, our reasonable service of worship” through Christ (Romans 12:1-2).
We have Children’s Church classes for children in preschool through fifth grade during the worship service. Parents should check-in their children downstairs a few minutes before the service. They will join their families again in the sanctuary in time for communion. For infants and toddlers through age three, we offer nursery care throughout the entire service. During the school year, beginning again on September 11, 2016, children are invited to attend our children’s Spiritual Formation hour, which is located downstairs in the children’s classrooms. Click here to learn more about our Children’s Ministries.
It is our conviction that families should worship together. Worshiping means thinking about and focusing our affections on God. Children can learn to do this in the context of their families and the worshiping community.
Yes! We have vibrant youth ministry programs for middle school and high school students. Please contact John Zambenini, our Youth Pastor, for more details: youth@allsaints-chd.org.
Yes, we do. To read more about our small groups or to find out where a group meets near you, click here.
We are currently engaged in several projects and ministry relationships in our local community. We are deeply involved in back-to-school programs and after-school programs, serving children and families in our area. We are partners with full-time local missionaries who serve students and special population groups, and we also have members who serve in many different local and community outreach ministries around our community.

In 2016, we began partnering with World Relief to welcome refugee families into Durham, NC. We regularly seek out donations to help these refugee families get acclimated to their new life in the US.

Click here for more details about our local outreach ministries.

We have a direct sister partnership with the parish of St Paul’s Cathedral in Butare, Rwanda, a comprehensive, growing, 100-year relationship. We also partner with missionaries in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Rwanda, China, and the Philippines. In addition, our congregation is involved personally with countless Christian workers and ministries around the world.

Click here to learn more about our international outreach ministries.

Anglicanism is the tradition of Christianity associated with the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church is a biblically based church with ancient roots and a treasure of rich resources that help us grow as followers of Jesus Christ to love God and serve our communities as Christians. To read more about Anglicanism, click here.